We create technologies that are totally immune to cancel culture.

We are Vidiverse

We’re for people with something to say and something to share, who believe in authentic expression, and want to control the value of their own creations.

Because everyone benefits when we have access to more ideas, diverse opinions, and dialogue.

Join us on the mission to protect a free and open internet.

Our Story

Why We Exist

We are on a mission to protect a free and open internet.

Our Story

Back in 2021, as small content creators were quickly becoming deprioritized on incumbent platforms in favor of influencers, corporations and large brands, Vidiverse was founded upon the principle of empowering these small content creators and giving them a platform to express themselves.

As months pass, Vidiverse grows exponentially as small creators continued to be pushed aside by incumbent platforms; however, the recent rise of ‘cancel culture’ and subjective control over information flow has created an accelerated need for platforms like Vidiverse who support diverse opinions, authentic expression, and the need for open dialogue. As a result, Vidiverse is growing exponentially.

As market incumbents continue to tighten their grip on information and creators continue be challenged – Vidiverse will continue to empower all creators and set forth on our mission to protect a free and open internet.


January 2022

Built systems and software

Custom apps geared toward enterprise video creators were completed and integrated into Peertube

January 2022
February 2022

Launched video hosting

Sovereign hosting with DDOS attack protection, remote co-located data stores and contingency plans

February 2022
March 2022

Video downloading app integrated into our platform

RSS video downloader for rapid downloading of entire channels of top video sites implemented

March 2022
April 2022

Develop Progressive Web App to circumvent the corrupt iOS&Google Play app stores

April 2022
June 2022

Integrated Lightning nodes for all Creator channels

June 2022
June 2022

Benefitted humanity at large

June 2022


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